Our Team

Holmes Structures promotes a high energy environment and efficiency through collaboration. We are innovative leaders in structural engineering. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service and ideas including performance based designs (non-linear and linear) and prescriptive solutions.

  • Vlad Altman Vlad Altman
  • Ben Au Ben Au
  • Adam Azofeifa Adam Azofeifa
  • John Bansuelo John Bansuelo
  • Dan Bech Dan Bech
  • Josh Bremenkamp Josh Bremenkamp
  • Graham Browne Graham Browne
  • Staci K. Chase Staci K. Chase
  • Teela Daly Teela Daly
  • Dick Dreyer Dick Dreyer
  • Jared Ellis Jared Ellis
  • Katy Faix Katy Faix
  • Erik Garcia Erik Garcia
  • Hugo Gomez Hugo Gomez
  • Christine Hall Christine Hall
  • Arne Halterman Arne Halterman
  • Mollye Holbrook Mollye Holbrook
  • Sal Hopkins Sal Hopkins
  • Jonas Houston Jonas Houston
  • Bevan Jones Bevan Jones
  • Erik Kneer Erik Kneer
  • Gina Kope Gina Kope
  • Mary Kretschmar Mary Kretschmar
  • Denny Kwan Denny Kwan
  • Chad Lannon Chad Lannon
  • Paul Littler Paul Littler
  • Nina Mahjoub Nina Mahjoub
  • Dion Marriot Dion Marriot
  • Erik McGregor Erik McGregor
  • Kim Nguyen Kim Nguyen
  • Rose Phung Rose Phung
  • Danny Polivka Danny Polivka
  • Brian Salyers Brian Salyers
  • Zander Sivyer Zander Sivyer
  • Nenette Stegmann Nenette Stegmann
  • Jaime Steinman Jaime Steinman
  • Megan Stringer Megan Stringer
  • Sean  Takahashi Sean Takahashi
  • Rebecca Tang Rebecca Tang
  • Bill Tremayne Bill Tremayne
  • Billy Tressler Billy Tressler
  • Eddie Vega Eddie Vega
  • Emil Von Roth Emil Von Roth

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