Our People

Holmes — A Diverse International Group


We love applied science, and we use it to deliver sensational results for our clients.

Our People

We are experts in the technical nuts and bolts of what we do, and there’s a strong artistic side to the way we work. Our creativity and curiosity are often what sets us apart from the crowd. Our team comes from over 10 countries with diverse experiences, interests and personalities. We believe our ingenuity stems from our open-mindedness and resourcefulness.

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  • Mark Wright with Holmes Structures in San Francisco

    Mark Wright

    Structural Designer

  • Ben Woods with Holmes Structures

    Ben Woods

    Specialist Engineer

  • Sharmaine Lacson of Holmes Structures in Downtown Los Angeles

    Sharmaine Lacson

    Admin Assistant

  • Morgan Martinelli with Holmes Structures in Portland

    Morgan Martinelli

    Mktng Coordinator

  • Jose Machuca with Holmes Structures in Los Angeles

    Jose Machuca

    Senior Engineer

  • Graham Browne

    Senior Engineer

  • Nicole O'Hearne

    Nicole O’Hearne

    Project Engineer

  • Rainer MacKay with Holmes Structures Portland

    Rainer MacKay

    Structural Designer

  • Richard Dreyer

    Richard Dreyer


  • Eddie Vega

    Eddie Vega

    Project Engineer

  • Suraj Patel with Holmes Structures in Los Angeles

    Suraj Patel

    Structural Designer

  • Rose Phung

    Rose Phung

    Office Manager

  • Dan Bech Holmes Structures Staff Photo

    Dan Bech


  • Danny Polivka Holmes Structures

    Danny Polivka

    Senior Engineer

  • Ty St Germain with Holmes Structures Los Angeles

    Ty St Germain

    Structural Designer

  • Adam Azofeifa

    Adam Azofeifa

    Senior Engineer

  • Oliver Till

    Oliver Till

    Project Engineer

  • James Rosewitz

    Senior Engineer

  • Bill Tremayne


  • Jonas Houston

    Jonas Houston

    Senior Engineer

  • Sal Hopkins

    Sal Hopkins

    Revit Specialist

  • Alyssa Gomez of Holmes Structures in Downtown Los Angeles

    Alyssa Gomez

    Mktng Coordinator

  • Gina Kope of Holmes Structures in Downtown San Francisco

    Gina Kope

    Project Engineer

  • Eva Slusser

    Eva Slusser

    Sr. Mktng Coordinator

  • Erik Kneer Holmes Structures Staff Photo

    Erik Kneer

    Associate Principal

  • Donovan Llanes

    Structural Designer

  • Ben Au

    Ben Au


  • Megan Stringer

    Megan Stringer

    Associate Principal

  • Arne Halterman

    Arne Halterman

    Associate Principal

  • Denny Kwan of Holmes Structures in San Francisco

    Denny Kwan


  • Stefanie Rae Arizabal with Holmes Structures San Francisco

    Stefanie Rae Arizabal

    Project Engineer

  • Kim-Nguyen-Holmes-Structures

    Kim Nguyen

    BIM Manager

  • James Borchers with Holmes Structures

    James Borchers

    IT Specialist

  • Leslie Zerbe

    Leslie Zerbe

    Senior Engineer

  • Zander Sivyer

    Zander Sivyer

    Principal & CEO

  • Donna Lee in Downtown Los Angeles

    Donna Lee

    Project Engineer

  • Caleb Stewart with Holmes Structures in San Francisco

    Caleb Stewart

    Project Engineer

  • Deanna Jung of Holmes Structures in Downtown San Francisco

    Deanna Jung

    Administrative Asst.

  • Eric McDonnell with Holmes Structures

    Eric McDonnell


  • Katy Faix

    Katy Faix


  • Mollye Holbrook, Senior Engineer with Holmes Structures in downtown San Francisco

    Mollye Holbrook

    Senior Engineer

  • Kate Cuddington with Holmes Structures San Francsico

    Kate Cuddington

    Structural Designer

  • Hugo Gomez

    Project Engineer

  • Ankit Chaudhari with Holmes Structures Los Angeles

    Ankit Chaudhari

    Structural Designer

  • Jamie Steinman

    Jamie Steinman

    Senior Engineer

  • Jared Ellis Holmes Structures

    Jared Ellis

    Senior Engineer

  • David Williams of Holmes Structures in Downtown Los Angeles

    David Williams

    Senior Engineer

  • Sophia Abshire in Downtown San Francisco

    Sophia Abshire

    Structural Designer

  • Aaron Boucher

    Project Engineer

  • Jennifer Eggers of Holmes Structures outside downtown

    Jennifer Eggers


  • Rebecca Tang

    Rebecca Tang

    Revit Specialist

  • Vlad Altman

    Vlad Altman

    Senior Revit Specialist

  • Georgine Mooney

    Georgine Mooney

    Project Engineer

  • Laura Santiago Los Angeles

    Laura Santiago

    Senior Revit Specialist

  • Nenette Stegmann

    Nenette Stegmann


  • Paul Littler

    Paul Littler

    Associate Principal

  • Nina Mahjoub with Holmes Structures

    Nina Mahjoub


  • Jessica Chen with Holmes Structures Los Angeles

    Jessica Chen

    Project Engineer

  • Josh Bremenkamp

    Systems Administrator

  • Christine Hall

    Christine Hall

    HR Manager

  • Dion Marriott in Downtown Los Angeles

    Dion Marriott

    Senior Engineer

  • Noa Yates of Holmes Structures Portland Portrait with Building Facade

    Noa Yates

    Project Engineer

  • Rose Papandrea with Holmes Structures in San Francisco

    Rose Papandrea

    Project Engineer

  • Yuki Huynh with Holmes Structures in San Francisco

    Yuki Huynh

    Rcrt Coordinator

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