Heroku — San Francisco, CA

Balancing Elegance and Industrial Heritage

Heroku Office, San Francisco
85,000 SF
Rapt Studio
Swinerton Builders
TIDA Merit Award
Blake Marvin

Heroku is a modern, industrial office space redesigned for the Salesforce subsidiary. Holmes Structures developed a structural scheme and provided tenant improvements for the San Francisco headquarters, which spans three open office floors, a basement, and penthouse.

Playing off the exposed original brick and timber structure, the revitalized space is connected by an expressed steel and timber feature stair, with beautifully designed steel-to-timber connections. Individually seismically supported office cubes provide privacy while still maintaining an open office environment. Also in the space are advanced private conference rooms with an interactive reservation system.

The updated space includes a gym, music room, meditation rooms, a yoga studio, and a full kitchen. Exposed, reclaimed wood and corrugated sheet metal finishes are used throughout the main office and kitchen, keeping with the industrial atmosphere.

Heroku San Francisco Office Conference Room with Wood Detailing
Heroku Office Main Stairwell

“Their vision was to have a space that was simple, organic, and imperfect. To fully capture this, we used natural and reclaimed materials, and organized the office to reflect a sense of progression: from darker, more individual spaces in the basement to lighter, more collective spaces near the penthouse”

Rapt Studios
Heroku San Francisco Office Interior, Amphitheater and Stairs
Heroku San Francisco Office Interior with Couches and Wood Finishes
Heroku Office Interior Stairs with Metal Detailing and Stools
Heroku San Francisco Office Interior Meeting at Amphitheater

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