House of Air — San Francisco, CA

Supporting the Flight Path of the Presidio

Presidio House of Air interior: athlete does freestlye aerial maneuver
22,000 SF
Mark Horton
Hathaway Dinwiddie
Ethan Kaplan

House of Air (Presidio Building 926) is a single-story steel frame building located at the western end of Crissy Field. Originally built as an aircraft hanger, the structure consists of a long span steel trussed roof supporting a concrete roof deck. The historic hanger was rehabilitated to house a new trampoline park.

Working with the owner, Holmes protected the structure with a renovation and the fire and life safety upgrades to create this world class trampoline center. The seismic strengthening of the hangar includes new ductile steel moment resisting frames which are integrated into the existing building with a tension rod roof diaphragm. The strengthening scheme was carefully detailed to minimize the impact on the existing building fabric and allowed many of the building’s defining features to remain.

The fire protection strategy met the requirements of The Presidio Trust and National Parks Service, while allowing the proposed use as a trampoline park. Extensive research of the fuel materials, fire engineering assessment and computer modeling was used to determine the amount of material, flame spread and smoke production prior to sprinkler activation. This enabled us to specify the appropriately rated heads and sprinkler head layout to achieve quick activation and to minimize the potential for the sprinkler area of protection being exceeded by the burning fuel.

Presidio House of Air San Francisco Interior with Trampolines and Bicycles
House of Air San Francisco Interior with Trampolines and Views of Presidio
House of Air San Francisco Structural Diagram of Trampoline Base Plates
Presidio House of Air Girls Play Trampoline Basketball
House of Air Structural Plan of Roof Truss Strengthening
Presidio House of Air Exterior Facade San Francsico Daytime

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