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Autodesk Pier 9 San Francisco Pedestrian Bridge on Mezzanine Level with Trusses
27,000 SF
Lundberg Design
DPR Construction
Blake Marvin
Sustainable Benchmark
LEED Platinum

Autodesk, a leading provider of computer-aided design (CAD) software across industries, sought to convert part of an existing shed on Pier 9 into the Autodesk Creative Workshop and Machine Shop. The multifunctional space includes state-of-the-art 3D printing machines; a metal, wood, and CNC shop; robotics laboratory and office spaces.
Holmes Fire worked with the Port Fire Marshal to meet the design goals of Autodesk as well as fire and life safety requirements. An alternative solution allowed for the inclusion of large roll doors not to be fire rated.

Holmes Structures added a mezzanine level to the original shed building to create more usable square footage for offices. Other areas of this long space utilize the double height ceilings while exposing the original shed structure. The design elegantly integrates the new structure with the old structure, visually weaving new steel with old. This design required close collaboration to ensure the seamless integration.

In response to Autodesk’s creative nature, the space included special features such as a free-swinging 1200 lb steel conference table suspended from the ceiling. Careful calculations of the loading by the swing, potential occupants and motions were considered in the ceiling beam’s design.

Autodesk Pier 9 San Francisco Office Interior with Conference Room
Autodesk Pier 9 San Francisco Office Interior with Stairs and Woof Finishes
Autodesk Pire 9 San Francisco Office Interior with Booth
Autodesk Pier 9 San Francisco-Office Interior Shop with Machines.
Autodesk Pier 9 San Francisco Office Interior the Shop
Autodesk Pier 9 San Francisco Exterior Fracade

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